A New COVID Remedy?

Researchers have done studies that anti-depressant drugs may reduce your chance of death when attracting COVID by about 8%. Medical News Today states, "Evidence is growing that a common antidepressant may reduce the severity of symptoms and mortality following SARS-CoV-2 infection." It's a strange breakthrough, but antidepressants are generally pretty cheap and if it's effective, that's all that matters. MNT also states, "In an observational study, patients taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) were 8% less likely to die from COVID-19," and continue on, "Those taking fluoxetine or fluvoxamine were 26% less likely to die." Along this long road COVID has [...]

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COVID Booster Being Distributed Now

For immunocompromised and elderly people, there is now a COVID booster that is available. These are with Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, and people who got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine are recommended to get the Moderna vaccines. As time goes on, expect a booster to be available to all other individuals, probably a year to two years after receiving your second dose. This is hopefully another big step towards getting over this hurdle, but nonetheless, it’s helping reduce deaths. 

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Vaccination “Requirement” For LA County, California

In Los Angeles, California, officials are discussing a possible “requirement” of making individuals show a proof of vaccination when going to any public places. Those that have religious or other personal reasons that opt not to get the vaccine will be required to show a proof of a negative COVID test within the last three days before being allowed into these different public facilities.    There is a lot of discussion on whether or not this should be allowed. Essentially what they are saying is that you are not allowed to go into any place unless you are vaccinated. It’s making [...]

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Children 5-11 Are Permitted to Receive the Vaccine

Although we have started to find more and more variants, most recently a mutation of the Delta variant that is running through England, we have taken another promising step to normality. There was a lot of discussion between parents whether school should be held online again due to the lack of vaccination provided for them, and once school was announced it was going to be in person, there was another discussion whether masks were appropriate for children.    Now, it was announced that children 5-11 are eligible for a vaccine that contains ⅓ of the antibodies that children 12 and up [...]

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Happy Veterans Day, And Thank You

On November 11, we celebrate those who risked their lives, or are currently risking their lives for the safety and freedom of our country. It's a wonderful day to reflect and give thanks to those who are selfless, who do what nobody else wants to do, but what needs to be done. Many of us know people who have served or are currently serving; take a moment to reach out and give thanks. Celebrate them and their sacrifices they have made for us. Thank you, Veterans.  

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Halloween Safety

Halloween is right around the corner, and last year and this year's Halloween was and will be an interesting part considering there is a pandemic still going on, and there is a lot of touching strangers candy where kids' hands have been in bowls. Essentially, it’s just a large germ fest that could harbor COVID outbreaks the following week.    So how do we avoid this? Of course we still want kids to be kids and enjoy a holiday where they get to dress up as their favorite character, but we also want safety. Potentially, an idea could be that adults [...]

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Seasonal Depression

Around the world, as we approach the Fall and Winter seasons, the weather fades from sunny everyday, to experiencing wet, rainy, grey days. This is especially true in the Pacific Northwest, where sunny days in these months are a rarity. This can lead to Seasonal Depression. Essentially, this is when people feel symptoms of depression in these months, this could be from the grey days which prevent us from getting natural vitamin D from the sun, and many people get less and less exercise because the weather does not permit it.    It is totally normal and common for people to [...]

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Would A 4 Day Work Week Improve Mental Health In America?

Mental health has been a growing topic over the last decade or so. People are taking it far more seriously, it's a real thing that people experience, and people are beginning to accept that. It's far different now than it was 100 years ago when people were put in mental health asylums, and instead, people are encouraged to seek help.   Another topic that has been on the rise in conversations is the idea of a 4 day work week. Countries in Europe have this implemented, and some may consider work and mental health to have a correlation on mental health. [...]

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Are Masks In School Proving To Be Beneficial?

Before this school year started, there was an intense debate between parents whether kids should be wearing masks for kids aged K-12. Some parents felt like students should be wearing masks to school because they are thinking about the virus, and want to help put an end to it. The opposite argument is that students shouldn’t be forced to wear masks for an entire 6-7 hour school day, arguing that it’s hard to breathe and that it’s a lot to ask of a child. Both sides are valid arguments, but let’s dive in to see if masks are worth it for [...]

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Cholesterol Medicine Proven To Decrease Chances Of Death With COVID

Earlier this summer, I wrote an article about a possible drug that was used to treat high cholesterol levels, a statin, that had a possibility of fending off COVID if the drug was already being taken before the individual got COVID. Research was conducted to try and prove this hypothesis, and reports have just been published.   Medical News Today (MNT) states, “This spring, a study that included 648 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 found that participants who took statins before developing COVID-19 were around 50% less likely to die in the hospital than those who did not.” This is really good [...]

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