Seasonal Depression

//Seasonal Depression

Now is about the time of year when people figuratively and literally have grey days. As we get further into fall and approach winter, the weather naturally changes and this can have an effect on people’s mental health. Seasonal depression and is very common. The lack of vitamin D, and the ability to get outside and exercise decreases due to bad weather. Seasonal depression is very common, especially in states that see a lot of rain during these months such as the Pacific Northwest.


It is completely normal, and if you are feeling down, it’s okay and it’s normal to go see a doctor to get some help. Treatments may include therapy, finding ways to exercise, and in some cases medication will do the trick. Mental health is being normalized and voicing your emotions is a mature thing to do. Seeking help when you’re down is not a sign of weakness, rather a sign of strength and wanting better for yourself.


Enjoy the nice weather while it’s here, and find the little things to appreciate every day. Life is way too fast to be down for too long.



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