New COVID Variant – C.1.2 Variant

//New COVID Variant – C.1.2 Variant

Not to a huge surprise, but to a serious moment of dread, we have now stumbled upon a new COVID variant, which officials are referring to as the C.1.2 variant. There is reason to have suspected this, due to the numerous amount of times the virus has mutated since it’s conception, but it adds one more variant to worry about. The Delta variant has been devastating, and if it falls under the same pattern, there is a likely chance that it is at least slightly more aggressive. Medical News Today states, “The more viruses spread, the more likely they are to mutate and form different variants. Variants that become more transmissible, resistant to current treatment options and vaccines, or cause more severe disease, are called Variants of Concern (VOC).” Only time will tell if it is to be worse or not. In all fairness, the Lambda variant hasn’t made much news in the United Stats since it’s arrival.


Getting vaccinated is still very important even with all of the new variants that have come about. Even though the vaccine may not make you immune from the new viruses, it still greatly reduces the chance of a severe case, hospitalization, and death. MNT states, “SARS-CoV-2 replicates quicker in unvaccinated people and, therefore, the virus has more opportunity to mutate. As these individuals have not already developed an immune response to the virus, it can survive and multiply for longer periods of time in their bodies.” The only way to permanently get rid of the virus is to stop the transmission of it all together, and at this point, that scenario looks very unlikely.


It is still important for all of us to do our part. The fact of the matter is, COVID cases and deaths are still on the rise and we need to do everything that we can do to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and the people we come across day to day. If you feel sick stay home, get tested. Slowing the spread is a vital part in the success of the extermination of the virus.



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