Flu-Season Will Be Worse This Year

//Flu-Season Will Be Worse This Year

As the leaves begin to turn, and we get deeper into fall, flu season sneaks up on us. Last year was not a severe year for the flu, but that makes sense considering this time last year schools were online, and we were told to keep inside as much as possible and reduce face to face interactions. Now that school’s are back in session, work life is back to normal, and there’s a fair amount of (masked and unmasked) face to face interaction, the flu becomes a factor once again and it has begun to spread. What made this flu more difficult to get vaccines for this year was because researchers didn’t have much data from last years flu season to make a strong educated guess on what this years flu might look like.

National Geographic states, “Last year there were only a little over 2,000 lab-confirmed cases in the U.S., compared to the 200,000 that occur during a typical flu season.” This is roughly 1% of the cases. Getting the vaccine is still a good idea, and can at the minimum decrease the severity of your case, but it may not be a remedy for preventing the contraction of the flu virus in general.


Mask up, wash your hands, and do your due diligence to keep yourself and others safe, especially considering COVID is running rapidly through America. Stay home if you are feeling sick, we are adjusted enough now to a point that most professions can work from home, and schools can teach remotely.




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