COVID Rates On The Rise For Children

//COVID Rates On The Rise For Children

When the vaccine came out this Spring, there was only a vaccine for Adults ages 18+. There wasn’t, at the time, a vaccine for any individuals younger, which made this going back to school season somewhat of a controversy. Along with this, the issue of masks was brought up amongst parents, some being in favor of their kids wearing masks, and others against it. The argument for included reasons of the vaccine not being available to these kids, and they are still able to contract the virus. Now that school is back in session, COVID rates among kids have increased.


Children under the age of 18 in the United States makes up roughly 23% of the population. The American Academy of Pediatrics states, “Since the pandemic began, children represented 16.3% of total cumulated cases. For the week ending October 7, children were 24.8% of reported weekly COVID-19 cases.” This totals out to be roughly 6 million cases in children, with 750,000 of those cases being added within the last month.


Certainly, this is something to watch. Most schools are back in person now, and this may be a cause for the rise of COVID cases in our youth. It will be something to watch. If the cases keep increasing, there is a chance that schools seek to operate virtually or in a hybrid setting.



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