Anti-COVID Antibodies?

//Anti-COVID Antibodies?

The find of a cure of COVID has been a scramble, and it doesn’t seem like we have come to a solution, but with the latest news that has been coming out, it feels like we have been taking steps in the right direction. There was news of a cholesterol lowering drug that has been put into testing, but since that release of the initial news, there hasn’t been much since. Researchers have begun to develop a vaccine against the Delta variant, but nothing new has come from that in the recent past. Yesterday, Moderna announced that they are working on a new vaccine to combat both COVID and the flu, but there’s not any sort of release date on that. Ideally, it would be ready by next flu season.


But we have a new breakthrough, according to Medical News Today there is a new antibody that was designed to fight COVID. MNT states, “Researchers have studied a dozen anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies isolated from people who had previously contracted the infection. They looked for antibodies that would not lose their effectiveness to new variants and that would work against a variety of respiratory viruses.” This is certainly great news, but the there still needs to be extensive studies and trails done on this. Who knows what will come out of this, but it does allow for some optimism.


We all need to continue to do our part to help end this, but there is reason for us to get more hopeful. The scary part is, we may have no idea how far the end is.


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