An Interesting Trial Of “COVID Medications”

//An Interesting Trial Of “COVID Medications”

Since the start of COVID-19, we have seen the worst of the worst in most of our lifetimes, there are only a few world events in the last 100 years that I think could compete for a worse extended period of time in world history. In America specifically, we have seen well over 600,000 deaths, and that number is still rising rapidly. We did achieve Joe Biden’s goal of 70% vaccination rate in America, but we did not achieve by the date originally the Biden Administration was hoping for, which was the Fourth of July. Since we have hit the 70% vaccination rate in America, we were completely blindsided by yet another variation of COVID, the Delta variant. The vaccines are not completely resistant to the Delta variant, which means there is still a chance to contract COVID even while vaccinated and pass it onto other people. The Delta variant is also more contagious than the original Alpha strain, making it far more dangerous. Having the vaccine does significantly reduce your chances of having a severe case of the Delta variant. Most likely it will be a short mild cold, and your chances of ending up in the hospital or dying are much lower. An issue with this, vaccinated people are running around, sometimes not knowing they have COVID because they are asymptomatic, or they have very minor symptoms, and they are passing it onto other people in the process.


Some people have started to experiment on their own, and these people tend to be unvaccinated people that are against the vaccine all in all. At the start of the Pandemic, some people started ingesting cleaning products because they were misled by a statement from former President Donald Trump. Now, people have begun taking a horse de-wormer to help their battles against COVID.  The drug is called ivermectin, and is highly advised against using by the FDA. There are some cases of people finding some sort of remedy to COVID-19, but this is rare, and if they seem promising, they are undergoing testing for specific reasons. There is a case of this happening with cholesterol medication which is currently undergoing further trials. To find more out about this, visit our article on it here.


It is advised to not take any medications that are prescribed to you or for you to receive any treatment that is not authorized by a doctor. We can all end this together by doing our parts.



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