A New Evolution Of The COVID-19 Vaccination

//A New Evolution Of The COVID-19 Vaccination

Around the world, people have been working day in and day out to try and establish a vaccine that can help take our world out of its scary current state. We had a few break throughs in America, but those were to combat the original Alpha and Beta variants. The vaccines were Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna. These vaccines had fairly high success rates, until the Delta variant made an imposing entrance. The Delta variant has taken over as the dominant variant because it is more contagious than the original variants and the vaccines are not completely immune to it, meaning if you have the vaccine then you are still able to get COVID. The plus side is, your case will be far less severe and your chances of dying or being hospitalized go way down. But, this does mean people can get COVID and only think it is a minor cold, or be completely asymptomatic, and people are more susceptible to spreading COVID.


We have been waiting for another breakthrough, and there has been news that scientists have been developing a new vaccine that will work against the more developed variants such as the Delta variant. This has left us more hopeful for a better future, but so far there hasn’t been many updates on that.


There is a new breakthrough that should leave some of us hopeful. It’s reported that Moderna is in the process of a new vaccine that will work against not only COVID, but also the flu. This would likely mean that officials are going to try and contain COVID like they do the flu, and trying to learn enough about it to try and stay one step ahead of it. Getting a yearly booster for COVID was likely already the outcome, so in reality combining the vaccine reduces the amount of shots you’d need.

Who knows if the end of this road is near, but at this point we can only hope.



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